Enterprise grade video collaboration.

Enterprise grade one to one chat

Secure, fast and reliable video and voice calls

Livewire one to one calls work on webRTC, giving you video quality and security like never before. Have meaningful conversations with your team, customers and vendors with our high quality video and voice chat.

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Group video and voice conferencing

More the merrier!

Redefine the way your collaborate and interact with teams around the world with our state of the art video and voice conferencing platform.

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livewire xray


Your powerful independent presence on the web

The power of being available anytime and anywhere is made possible by our one-of-a-kind LiveURL. This is customisable and can be shared across your networks and also marketing campaigns.

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Mobile App

People who matter, at your fingertips

Join meetings on the go, start group conferences instantly and also have saved groups to collaborate like never before. At about 5 mb, it probably gives more value per mb of any app sitting on your mobile right now!

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Browser based

Plugin and extension free video conferencing experience

No need of any plugins, clients of additional software to join meetings anymore! Our browser based solutions keep collaboration the way it should be - Simple and effective!

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Analytics Dasboard

Data is the new oil, or is it water?

Your own dashboard to manage your account and view analytics about your apps usage. You can use our custom contacts and analytics to help in achieving your productivity goals.

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