Add Live Video Calling to your website

Unlike most chat widgets available today, the Livewire Messenger Widget allows your website visitors to chat with you through Video, Voice and Text. Integrating the widget onto your site can be done in a few simple steps.

You will require the Livewire Messenger android app to receive calls and chats from your website. After you sign into the Livewire Messenger app,  you will need to set your LiveLink in the account section.


After you have set your LiveLink, its time to integrate the widget onto your site.

If you have a wordpress site, you can install the Livewire Messenger WordPress plugin and then go to the settings page of the plugin and update your number and LiveLink that you set in the Livewire Messenger android app.

For other websites, you will have to add the code to your website. You’ll need to login into the Livewire dashboard using the same email and password that you used in the Livewire Messenger Android App, Next in the steps section, you can choose between the widget with text or the widget without text.

Next copy the widget code found in the “Add the widget to your website”


modify the ‘livewire_number ‘ variable to contain your livewire number and the ‘livewire_name’ variable to contain your LiveLink. Copy the modified widget code and paste in before the end of your body tag in your website.

The widget is now ready to be used !



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