An Introduction to Livewire Messenger

An introduction to Livewire Messenger. Easily integrate high quality and secure voice and video chat into your websites and apps.


Full transcript –

Hello everybody! Thank you for taking the time to watch this short video. In this video I want to give you a brief introduction on Livewire Messenger, our brand new voice and video communications platform that can be integrated into any website with a single line of code.

Why is this so important? Today, most of chat or interaction on a website happens through chat widgets. Everyone from Intercom to Zendesk Chat, to Freshchat , have that small bar( or a small chat bar) in the right bottom of the website, where you can go and post a message. And, if you are lucky, somebody at the other end will reply in text. However, most business is not done with just text messaging. Transactions, or ticket sizes of higher value, or purchases or transactions which require personalisation often require a human at the other end. Lets say you want to buy a house, or a car, or you want to buy an insurance policy  tailored to your needs, it is not always easy for you to do that over text chat.

Unfortunately, there is no platform in the world right now, where you can click a button, and have a person at the other end through a website. So we felt, especially in a country like India, where less than 10% of our population knows English, it is vital to have voice and video as the default means of communication online.

My vision of an India where transactions are happening online include your flower vendor, include people in the construction industry, people in consulting and various other professions and occupations outside the ambit of internet business right now.

So with Livewire messenger, what you can do is integrate voice and video into your websites with a single piece of code. Go to, sign up, and once you are taken to the dashboard, with 2 simple steps, you can go ahead and implement high quality video and voice communications in your website.

Why is this so important (again!)? As I have said before, it is the most effective way of communication online! This is in Video. And Life is in video! What is more important is that there aren’t too many people building out these solutions for developers and business owners. We feel that it is vital to democratise this technology simply because the only people building things in this space are WhatsApp, Facebook and Google.

Unfortunately, these are generally centralised systems. You need to be on WhatsApp to do transactions. You need to be on Facebook Messenger to use their platforms. Why should this not be democratised so that anybody can implement voice and video in their websites.

So give Livewire a shot. Go to, sign up, and give us your feedback. While we are working on a lot of fixes right now, we would be more than happy to hear from you, as to what is the next product update that you require.

Thank you so much!


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